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2008-06-24 08:48:00 by Tyquentis

Are you a Gamer? Do you play Video Games Online with other Gamers? Do you really have skills? Do you think you can take on the best of the best? Do you want to showcase your talent to the world, In Front Of Millions of Viewers?

Do you want to make money from something you do for fun? We set up player vs. player matches for Gamers all over the world.

How do Join So Fly Gamers?Simple

-Short Bio(Mention any events you've participated in)

There is a $25.00 Registering Fee.

Payable To:


Mail Cash or Check to:
Lil Ty Gamers

P.O. Box 111
Palmetto, GA 30268

*If check make out to :(soflyproductions)*

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Lil Ty Gamers